RSDC – Respiratory Sleep Disorder Centre

RSDC (respiratory sleep disorder centre) has been a supporter of athlete development in snow sports athletes since day one. Whilst the function of athletes lungs is very important the reason RSDC is involved is because they have the ability to objectively measure an array of physiological parameters that, us as strength and conditioning coaches, are not able to be measure in a gym environtment. Dr Ali Aminazad and the team at RSDC can provide Vo2 max (determines your body’s maximum ability to take up, transport and utilise oxygen) testing, with precision equipment in a safe laboratory setting.

The Mt Buller Race Club

The Mt Buller Race Club is an instrumental partner that provides a platform for young athletes to begin their career as a ski or snow board athlete. This is where Snow Performance director, Rhys Artridge, began his journey as an athlete and has come full circle as a service provider. The Mt Buller Race Club supports the vision of Snow Performance and continues to encourage physical development off the snow.

Mount Buller Physiotherapy

Mount Buller Physiotherapist, Mr Dan Rogers, has been an athlete, patient and a therapist. With a racing back ground in ski cross he has had his fair share in injuries during and after his bachelors degree. This provides Dan with a large amount of empathy to athletes coming off the slopes. With the knowledge and skiing back ground, availability during the season at Mt Buller and out of season at the Snow Performance headquarters, in Richmond Melbourne, Dan was the obvious choice to provide our athletes with physio services.


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