Individual strength and conditioning services provides the athlete with one on one training with the coach. The sessions are over 45 minutes and the program will be varied and progressed as required for the athlete.

Training will commence with a movement screen to assess fundamental movements. The initial program will involve an individual focus on any weaknesses or structural abnormalities that may be impacting performance.

Strength & conditioning programs aim to:

  • Address athlete specific strengths and weaknesses including stability and mobility restrictions
  • Develop correct lifting techniques and movement patterns
  • Improve sports specific movements
  • Improve strength and power
  • Optimise speed and agility
  • Enhance appropriate conditioning components for performance
  • Refer athlete to any appropriate program partners for assistance with dietetics, physio or physiological testing

A fully periodised annual plan will be created that includes key performance indicators for the athlete’s competition schedule. Fitness testing will be scheduled and completed at various times throughout the year to help guide the effectiveness of the program.


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